Rear Projection Film Samples

Rear Projection Film Samples

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Purchasing rear projection film samples is a great way to test out each of our projection films to ensure you purchase the correct film for your application.

Each Film looks differently under different lighting conditions and settings, testing film samples gives you a real world perspective how your projector and your lighting conditions will look in your finished installation.

We offer two sizes of rear projection film samples, standard size 8″x10″ and large samples 10″x18″, please pick the rear projection films samples package that best suits your needs and application type.

Standard sample packs (8″x10″) include: Professional White rear projection film, Professional Grey film, Professional Clear film, Professional Black film, and Anti Glare film
Large sample packs (10″x17″) include: Professional White film, Professional Grey film, Professional Clear film, Professional Black film, and Anti Glare film

All of our projection films are supplied with built in hi tac adhesives, when the release layer is removed the adhesives are exposed and when used with correct application fluid will ensure your projection film is securely attached to your clear glass or acrylic surface.

When installed correctly rear projection films will provide years of high quality rear projected images and even as projector technology progresses your rear projection film will work with these advancements the projector technologies.

The best way to test samples is tape the corners of your desired screen size off and then place your sample in either a corner or the middle and use your projector to throw the entire screen size and look at your sample.

Something to consider when purchasing Rear Projection Film samples

Purchasing an application kit is also a great idea when purchasing rear projection film samples. Film should be applied with application fluid and a correct squeegee for the best results. Our application kits provide both a high quality application fluid but also a correct application squeegee that will not damage your projection film during your installation.

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