About us Projectionfilm.us

ProjectionFilm.us was the first company selling rear projection films online, since its start we have sold thousands of feet or rear projection films in all of our colors and styles and helped individuals and integrators fulfill their rear projection film requirements. The unique thing about Projectionfilm.us is that we not only sell rear projection film we have installed thousands of pieces ourselves, so not only do we know what will work and what wont, we can help you understand how to achieve your desired result.

The Truth

The truth is Projectionfilm.us is a mostly automated business; we process our payments through Paypal, offer worldwide shipping and a large variety of rear projection film products. But if you pick up the phone and need to call us… We do pick up the phone and you can speak to someone who will not only be able to answer your questions but give you real world experience and insight into your project if you would like it. That being said we do prefer email over phone calls, we are always busy helping customers and if we can get a email with your questions comments or orders it ensures that we will not only follow up on your questions or needs but be able to reference the notes and conversations if you call again at a later time.

All in all rear projection films is all we do “it is our life” and we enjoy it. After years of being involved with projects from one off to roll outs we have seen and heard just about everything.. and then the phone rings or an email comes in that throws us a loop and makes us see the way that people believe our products can be used and that makes everyday a adventure when open our doors for work.

We’re pretty normal

We are not the best at using social media to puff our sales or projects we get involved in (although we are trying to get better at that) but we offer the highest quality rear projection film products, and real world product knowledge to our customers and quick efficient shipping and we believe that is why thousands of people have chosen us to fulfill their rear projection film product needs and why you will enjoy working with us as well.
~The ProjectionFilm.us Team